Booking Conditions

Please read carefully and ensure that you understand and accept the conditions and information outlined.


New reservations require a signed Booking Form and payment of a $100 per person Travelplan booking fee. The booking fee will be deducted from your final payment. When your final payment is due, the booking fee is refundable if government border restrictions mean you can't travel. If you decide to cancel or not proceed with your booking for other reasons, the booking fee is non-refundable. If a deposit is required to proceed with your accommodation reservation, the Travelplan booking fee may not apply.

Credit Card Payments

Surcharges apply, which vary by card type. Credit card payments are accepted on the express understanding that you authorise Travelplan Australia Pty Ltd to pay deposits and balance payments on your behalf to airlines, accommodation operators and other principals involved. In consideration of doing so, you will not hold Travelplan Australia Pty Ltd responsible for the insolvency and/or failure to perform of airlines, accommodation or any other principal involved, and in any of those events, you will not ask your credit card provider to revoke payments made, where Travelplan Australia Pty Ltd is the merchant in such transactions.

Currency Protection 2021-22

For some years Travelplan has taken forward currency protection when deposits are paid, guaranteeing clients AU$ cost against currency variation. During Covid, all bookings for the 2020-21 season were cancelled, and Travelplan has had to sell back millions of dollars of currency protection taken on behalf of clients, Unexpectedly the AU$ appreciated during the Covid period, resulting in substantial currency loss for Traveplan at this diffcult time. It is possible some bookings may be cancelled for the 2021-22 season, so Travelplan cannot take the risk of substantial losses on currency protection for clients.Therefore, Travelplan will take currency protection 4-6 weeks prior to the balance payment due date, and adjust final invoices as necessary.


Travelplan Australia Pty Ltd acts as a booking agent only for the persons, or organisations providing or offering the means of travel, accommodation, ski lifts or services detailed and as such cannot be held responsible for any injury, loss, accident, delay or any other irregularity outside of our control. The issuance and acceptance of any receipt, voucher, coupon, exchange order, air ticket or itinerary shall be deemed as consent by the client to the above conditions.

Baggage Allowance

We recommend prior to departure, you check exact baggage restrictions with the airlines on your itinerary. The following information is given as a guide, but is subject to change. Domestic flights often do not include free checked luggage, particularly in the United States. Airlines may waive baggage charges on domestic flights if you are connecting to/from an international flight, or upon presentation of your international ticket at the check-in counter. If more than one airline is providing the transportation for journey, each airline may apply different rules on both checked and carry-on luggage.

Generally speaking, for direct flights from Australia to North America, two suitcases are allowed with a combined total dimension of 269cm with no one suitcase exceeding 157cm, with max 23kg for Economy/Premium Class or 32kg for Business/First Class per piece. For international flights elsewhere free baggage allowance is generally 20kg total for Economy Class, 30kg for Business Class and 40kg for First Class. Maximum 1 piece per person carry on luggage. All carry on luggage must comply to size restrictions enforced by the airlines and generally a piece must not weigh more than 7kg.

Passport and Visa

A passport is required for overseas travel, with a validity of six months after your return date. For some countries a consular visa or travel authorisation is also required. We will assist in obtaining necessary travel documents and advise on health regulations. However, the possession of such documents is solely the passenger's responsibility. United States: All eligible travellers to the United States (including those in transit) who wish to travel under the Visa Waiver Program must now apply for authorisation using the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation website, As part of the Secure Flight Program, your passport information must also be entered into your flight bookings, please provide details on your Booking Form. Canada: Visa-exempt foreign nationals who fly to (or transit) through Canada will need an Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) Exceptions include U.S. citizens.


Cancellation charges are determined by accommodation and/or other principals in your booking. Generally, if a cancellation is made after final payment you will lose all monies paid, unless different conditions apply for the accommodation in your booking. Travelplan has negotiated flexible policies for many of our major international accommodation suppliers for the 2021-22 season. Full details are outlined on your proposal, including any special cancellation and delayed deposit policies created for our clients. Airfares are subject to up to 100% cancellation fee once tickets are issued. Please reconfirm airfare conditions with Travelplan. In the case of bulk cancellations of bookings due to changes in Government travel conditions, Travelplan reserves the right to charge a service fee per booking.


All prices shown in Travelplan's brochure are based on airfares and projected currency exchange rates at time of printing and are subject to change without notice for any reason whatsoever. All quotes prepared online will be checked by a consultant for errors. Prices do not include local, airline, customs or departure taxes, insurance, gratuities or any other costs not detailed in final invoices or itinerary. Additional costs caused by weather, failure of transportation services or other circumstances beyond our or our principals control are not included or recoverable.


All tour arrangements are performed under the exclusive responsibility of different contractors. Airlines, therefore, act only as agents for the contractors providing the various services herein and do not accept any liability in connection with such services or for any loss, injury or damage to or in respect of any person or property. Airlines will only be responsible for air carriage performed by them. Such air carriage will be subject to the provisions referred to in the conditions of contract contained in the passenger ticket. Qantas Airways Limited (Incorporated in Queensland), United Airlines, Air Canada, American Airlines, Emirates, Japan Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Delta Airlines and Virgin Australia do not by virtue of their endorsement of Travelplan's brochure represent themselves either as contracting with any purchaser of a holiday from Travelplan or as having any other legal relationship with any such purchase.

Service Fees

Due to the continued change in the way the industry is run and remuneration paid, it has become necessary to implement a series of service fees. A charge up to $50 may apply for each and every amendment after booking instructions have been received. This charge is in addition to any cancellation fees that may apply.

Travel Insurance

All passengers must travel with adequate insurance cover. To get the most out of your travel insurance, you might like to purchase your policy at the time of booking. Travelplan Ski or your travel agent can arrange this cover on your behalf.

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